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H.A.S. Inc Construction Solutions offers commercial construction services including both new and existing construction to clients in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. Our website is brand new so please check back soon to see examples of our work and more information about our services.
We perform modifications to residences and places of business to aid in accessibility, safety, and ADA compliance. This work is often referred to as "home modification". This work can range in scope from simple grab bar installation to full home remodels or ADA compliant additions.
We offer residential and commercial air conditioning, heating and mechanical services.
As an animal trapper in Florida we deal with residential and commercial structures that have been infested by animals, or nuisance wildlife. These animals include: rodents, squirrels, raccoons, opossum, bats, armadillos, bees etc. The "pest control" portion of this field includes the trapping (and relocating,